Shuddham Herbal Jaggery Powder with 11 Exquisite Herbs (500 Gms) Shipping: 30₹

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From the house of Shuddham, We present you Herbal jaggery made from our home grown sugercane. This Powder is not a normal one. It consists 11 Herbs which are highly beneficial to your body. The herbs are Tulsi, Ginger, Athimathuram, Cardamom, Amla, Alovera, Jathikai, Pepper, Dry ginger, kaddukai & Pirandai.
✓Alternative to White Sugar.
✓Improved Immunity.
✓Detoxes the Liver from toxins.
✓Prevents Constipation.
✓Treats Flu like Symptoms.
✓Prevents Iron Deficiency.
We made this combo after a lot of research and finally came up with the best product. As always, its lab tested and the benefits it has are tremendous.
Herbal Jaggery is a storehouse of carbohydrates, which the body needs to produce energy. Rich in fibre, jaggery Powder makes the bowel movements easier, thereby relieving constipation. It is rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.
Selenium, magnesium, and some vitamins with antioxidant properties are present in our herbal jaggery. This enables jaggery to protect the body from damage done by free radicals, keeping some kinds of cancer at bay as well as resisting skin damage. Herbal Jaggery Powder has the medicinal property of fighting allergic asthma, lung infections, sore throats, etc. It is used in Ayurveda as a remedy for respiratory illnesses.