General FAQ

Milk is sourced from Sahiwal Gaumaata

From wher ever we source milk, we makes sure that the cows are not artificially Inseminated.

We have a strict NO NEEDLE POLICY. Also our ghee is lab tested for heavy metals.

Cow graze daily 5-6 Hours.

As soon as the calf is born, they are always kept with their mother. First 20 days, the milk is not procured for self consumption. Only calfs drink the most nutritious milk. After 20 days, the calf have the first right on mothers milk. They fulfill their thrist then only we procure the milk from mother for use.

NO, Not at all. Cow urine is not meant to pour in Ghee.

We use only butter to make ghee. Full process is explained by our founder here


Its recommended to store ghee at Normal room temperature. U can store ghee in fridge also but low temperature wll change the texture of the ghee. The sides of jar and bottom may get white as the granules will contract color and will be seen as white. To get the yellow color again, just heat it again.

However, store ghee only at room temperature as per vedic readings.

Ghee and Honey comes in Glass jars.

Shipping FAQ

We Ship all over India. We offer free shipping on Ghee or Kesar. If you buy Honey or jaggery, we charge 30 Rs. for every quantity added.

After every successful order, you will get tracking link on your email and sms within 4-5 days. After the shipment is done, it will take 7-14 working days to deliver. However In most of the cases the delivery takes 7 days.

Cow dung products are sent separately in other courier package.

Breakage is on us as all Food products are totally insured. We will ship new Food Product product if any breakage happens. Kindly Note that Breakage of cow dung product is not covered in this policy.

Shipping is Totally free only on Ghee, Kesar and Cow Dung Products box. Honey or jaggery will fetch 30/- shipping cost whereas cow dung products (Individual) will attract 50/- per order quantity.The actual shipping cost is 70/- but we charge less for every pack of honey, jaggery or cow dung products. It does not matter whether u r ordering a combined order of ghee, kesar,  honey, jaggery or cow dung products.  Every product (Honey, Jaggery & Individual cow dung products) increases total weight by 300-500 Gm. As soon the weight increases so does the price increases.  

Only if the package is broken, we will send u new product at once.

Returns of products are only possible if you can proove any adulteration in any of our product. If you cannot proove adulteration through any adulteration lab reports, there will be no Refund.

If by any chance you refuse to receive the product before 14 working days (14 days are counted once the order is shipped) or if the parcel gets Return to Origin due to wrong address or ur unavailability or due to your wrong phone number, 10% amount will be deducted and money will be refunded as soon as the courier company initiates RTO. 

Any refusal, return or cancellation after delivery will fetch 20% of the amount.

Kindly accept our apology if this is the case. However we would like to assure you that your money is totally safe. We request you to kindly check at your security gaurd or your servant. Sometimes the delivery is given to them.

In this case, we will raise a dispute and the shipping company will investigate and they will get your Products delivered within 7-12 Working days from the day your product was actually shipped.

If this also does not happen then we will send you fresh Product again via new and different courier free of cost.

NOTE: The delivery time is 7-12 Working days as per the shipping policy.

We dont offer any replacement on it. However if still u want to return then Pack the material back into the packing as they were delivered. The return shipmemt fees has to be paid by you. Click the picture of the packing and send us via whatsap at 8057666668. Once the shipment reach us safely, u will ve redunded.

kindly note that if the plastic wrap seal is torn or broken, it will not be retunred in any condition.

The shipping return fees has to be paid by customer only. The packaing should be done peoperly in order for return request.