Cow Dung Product Box (Dung Cake, Dhoopbatti, Samagri & Sambrani Cups)

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This specially curated puja box contains 4 premium products made from desi gaumata dung which make puja easy and biodegradable. These are  completely Eco-Friendly products that Promotes the use of cow dung for a sustainable and healthy future where humans and nature exist in harmony. 

This box includes

1. 105 Dhoopbatti (7 diff fragrance): These handmade charcoal free dhoop are made using Our sahiwal cow's Dung, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, kapoor kachri, sugandh Kokila, Haubera, Chandal Powder, Guggal along with essential oils and 21 types of herbs. 

Dhoop stick is used for driving away presence of any negative energy and to attract particular deities. This helps in the generation of divine consciousness and purifies your aura and inner soul.


  • Helps to create an aesthetic & spiritual environment around and Keeps insect / Mosquito away.
  • Burning incense sticks made from the Desi Indian sahiwal Cow dung kills harmful bacteria and virus and provides an air of divine purity. 
  • Useful in everyday pooja, Meditation,  yoga,  chanting & Pranayama. 
  • Creates Positive energy.

Fragrances: Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Guggal, Loban, Vaidik & Sanatan. (15 each)

2. Cow Dung Cake (20 Pcs) : We specially make these Sahiwal cow dung cakes in thin circular form so that they can burn quickly. Cow dung cake is mix of cow dung and paddy husk , hull and paddy straw and is used to purify air & dispels evil effects when burnt with ghee. 

  • Completely sun dried, moisture free and burns properly. Burning cowdung purifies the air and kills airborne germs. 
  • Round shape with 2.5 Inches diameter, easy to handle and store.
  • 100% pure and authentic cow dung cakes for daily Agnihotra and puja.

3. Cow Dung Sambrani Cups (10 Pcs.): Unlike the traditional charcoal cups, these are made by using our sahiwal cow dung  which makes them 100% Eco-Friendly & biodegradable.  These hawan cups contains a mixture of  sahiwal cow's Dung, Ghee, Loban, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, kapoor kachri, sugandh Kokila, Haubera, Chandal Powder, Guggal along with 25 types of herbs. 

  • How to use? The traditional organic Sambrani cups are a version of a long ritual that can be burnt anywhere in a room or in the office. Burning sambrani cups can purify the surroundings and make atmosphere full of sanctity and purity. Just tilt the cup and burn its edges from top for 30 sec and put it on the cup stand. 
  • What is Sambrani? Sambrani is a customary Hindu practice which is rehearsed all around the world on traditional events to eliminate the negativity from the inside and around and furthermore, to clean the climate. At the point when Sambrani fire contacts the air, it gets filtered and becomes lighter in nature. At the point when this light air is stirred up in the climate, it replaces the cold or debased air and this interaction proceeds and the air gets decontaminated till the custom is being performed in the world.

4. Hawan Samagri 200 Gm ( वेदवर्णीत प्राकर्तिक जड़ी बूटियों से निर्मित वैदिक हवन सामग्री): Our Samagri is a sacred offering in the yagna and each item of mixture is significant. A mixture of many items including dried herbs, roots and leaves. Havan Samagri is offered in the ablazed fire which disseminates in micro form, in the air, to purify the environment besides activating the air as disinfectant germicidal agent. 

  • Contains 51 Ingredients Which Also Consists Of Ayurvedic Herbs. Details Of Contents: Made From Ayurvedic Exotic Herbs, Black Til, Jow, 30 Types Of Dhoop, Bhimseni Kapoor, Rose Petals, Sandalwood Powder, Lobaan, Cow Ghee, Chandan, Nagkesar,Tagar, Agar, Wala, Red Sandal Powder, Nagarmotha, Lotus Seeds,Jata Masi, Batriso Dhoop, Kapoor Kachri, Satavari,Turmeric
  • Research show that using Hawan Samagri creates Positivity and Purifies the environment, Reduces harmful viruses, pathogens and bacteria from environment and improve physical and mental health.