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Hawan Samagri 1Kg ( वेदवर्णीत प्राकर्तिक जड़ी बूटियों से निर्मित वैदिक हवन सामग्री): Our Samagri is a sacred offering in the yagna and each item of mixture is significant. A mixture of many items including dried herbs, roots and leaves. Havan Samagri is offered in the ablazed fire which disseminates in micro form, in the air, to purify the environment besides activating the air as disinfectant germicidal agent. 

  • Contains 51 Ingredients Which Also Consists Of Ayurvedic Herbs. 
  • Details Of Contents: Made From Ayurvedic Exotic Herbs, Black Til, Jow, 30 Types Of Dhoop, Bhimseni Kapoor, Rose Petals, Sandalwood Powder, Lobaan, Cow Ghee, Chandan, Nagkesar,Tagar, Agar, Wala, Red Sandal Powder, Nagarmotha, Lotus Seeds,Jata Masi, Batriso Dhoop, Kapoor Kachri, Satavari,TurmericResearch show that using Hawan Samagri creates Positivity and Purifies the environment, Reduces harmful viruses, pathogens and bacteria from environment and improve physical and mental health.

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