A2 vs A1

A2 cows are the earlier breeds of the Indian desi cow or the African cows. The structure of A2 variety milk is similar to the human milk beta-casein chain which does not produce the compound BCM7. Thus it is said that A2 milk supports easy digestion. As it is high in Omega 3 and 6, Vitamins, Calcium, Iodine, Minerals and antioxidant beta-carotene etc. A2 milk has shown medicinal benefits. 

A1 cows are breeds like Holstein, Friesian and jersey. A1 type of milk contains an amino acid called histidine. A1 beta-casein can be found on all commercially-prepared milk. A1 is considered as a genetic mutation that results in the production of the compound BCM7. It is said that A1 type  of milk can cause harmful health effects. By consuming A1 type of milk the risk of type 1 diabetes is more. Studies proved that A1 beta-casein may develop insulin-dependent diabetes.

The ghee made by the A2 milk which contains A2 beta casein is called A2 ghee. Only some native Indian breed cows has A2 beta casein in their milk. Only 3-4 breeds in India have a good milking capacity, which include Tharparkar of Rajasthan, Sahiwal and Red sindhi of Punjab and  Gir-Saurashtra etc. We prepare the pure desi ghee from A2 milk from our own Sahiwal breed cows.

Sahiwal is a breed from Punjab. It is also considered as the best milch cattle breed. It is capable of giving upto 18 litres of milk at a time. It has 5-6% essential fat in its milk which is further used to prepare pure desi ghee under the vedic method. Due to the presence of this additional advantage, Sahiwal breed milk acts as a blessing to humanity which in turn is helpful in curing several diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems. And this is the reason Sahiwal is considered as an important cow breed. We do not use any artificial equipment or supplement in the cow’s diet. A2 cow ghee is made with A2 milk with a vedic process.

Some benefits of A2 ghee

  • Having pure desi ghee which is made with A2 milk helps to lowers cholesterol and does not add on as a bad fat in the body.
  • Consumption of A2 ghee reduces obesity and does not lead to any weight issues. Though ghee can be used as a vital element in the balanced diet for weight management i.e. loss or gain of weight.
  • A2 cow ghee has a great healing property which helps in curing wounds, burns etc.
  • A2 milk ghee benefits us with Vitamin A, D, E and K which helps us to improve the functioning of the parts of the body.
  • It is also believed that the hump on the body of the desi cows absorb the energy from the sun rays, moon and other luminous bodies, which is further transmitted to their milk. By  consuming the pure desi ghee produced from the organic grass fed desi cow can benefit us in various ways. Thus it acts as a energy promoter.
  • Regular consumption of A2 ghee promotes bone strength and also helps in providing a better cure to broken bones.